Sunday, 28 September 2014

Clarity Challenge - Nature

This months entry for the Clarity Stamps challenge was created with:
🔹 the tree/branch from the "Joy frame kit" stamp set
🔹2 of the leaves from the "Remountable Split Tree Leaves" Clear Stamps 
🔹forest ridge 

The sunrise was created by rubbing rose, orange and gold inks on a dry baby wipe, in a circular motion.  This is the first attempt using the dry wipe to blend and I was very impressed how well it worked.  

I have gone through many sponges in the past, which have disintegrated mid project; perhaps I'm not buying the right sponges?  Baby wipes are much cheaper, you can make a nice pad with them, and makes use of the packets of wipes that have become too dry to clean stamps with!

Sun detail.


  1. Original and wonderful! I love your card! Great use of stamps!
    Thank you for entering the Clarity Stamp Challenge - Good luck! x

  2. Love you stamp combination and clever use of the Baby wipes. Thanks for entering the Clarity Stamp Challenge. Good luck.

  3. Wow - I really love this design! Thanks for sharing with us, and also the tip about the dried up baby wipes!! Susan