Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Make a wish - dandelion clock

I've not blogged for quite a while; I follow the Clarity challenge and have mainly just posted to enter this challenge.  Unfortunately the challenges have not been suitable for the Clarity stamps I own.  This months challenge of "Clocks" had me in the same predicament, then I had a flash of inspiration that the seed heads of dandelions are called Clocks!  (This also lead to the revelation that my husband refers to them as suger plum fairies!?!!)
The Clarity letterbox stamps are easily recognisable, but did you spot that the dandelion was the allium stamp?  I masked off part of the stamp, where the seeds had been blown from, then drew the additional lines on the "blob" on each allium flower head, with a micron pen.  The floating seed heads were then drawn, following the same shape as the "allium dandelion".

I have been getting more adventurous with my Scanncut, so watch this space, as I will be posting some examples soon.

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