Friday, 31 July 2015

Clarity Christmas Trees

Well it has been quite a while since my last post!  Today's posting is in response to the Clarity "Anything Goes" challenge. 

A number of Clarity Stamps were used : Forest Ridge, Winter Trees, Happy Words and the squirrel from the Birdhouse set.

Prep ahead - used a tumble drier sheet, as it was intended in the drier!  Use twice to leave a fine gauze.

First the background was created - the blue of the sky and the shadows from the trees, were slightly darker than I would normally have done, however the covering brings down the colour, so it is a good idea.  In this case going against Barbara Gray's mantra of "you can always add colour, but you can't take it away"!

Make sure you get your glitter ready as it needs to go on the wet glue, I used a white glitter, with a hint of iridescent.  Spray glue all over the background ( I used Crafters Companion Stick and Stay), stick the drier sheet to cover the whole background, excess can be trimmed off later.  Then sprinkle the glitter over the drier sheet, pat down the glitter, then tap off the excess. From the amount that goes back in the tube very little glitter is used, but the look is a slightly hazy snowy scene.

This is my first attempt at this technique and I shall be using it again!

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